NorthPrime Constitution

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Prepared and Accepted by the Founding Members of NorthPrime


on the



31st Day of July 2010






A just, peaceful and developed northern Ghana



To team up with individuals and organisations to work towards the educational development of

northern youth for a developed northern Ghana: one with high socio-economic development indicators characterised by high literacy, quality human resource, increased public allocation of

resources, private sector investment and greater national representation.















NorthPrime is an association of individuals, born out of the urgent need for better national policy coverage and increased resource allocation to fast-track the socio-economic development of the northern regions of Ghana.

NorthPrime imposes on itself a responsibility to collate both internal and external resources, for purposes of promoting education among the youth in the northern regions, resourcing health care infrastructure to deliver quality medical care, facilitating better national policy designed in favour of the development of northern Ghana, and enhancing democratic governance.

In pursuance of our quest to ensure a just, peaceful and developed northern Ghana, we Members of NorthPrime do hereby solemnly and faithfully accept this as our constitution on             31st July, 2010.



  1. 1.        Supremacy of this constitution


1.1     This constitution shall be the supreme law of NorthPrime.


  1. 2.        Identity of NorthPrime

2.1    The Association shall be known and called NorthPrime. All official documentation

shall bear this name.

2.2    The symbol of NorthPrime shall be a map of Ghana with a highlighted northern

Ghana, with a rising sun on an open book overlooking the entire country.

2.3    The vision of NorthPrime is to achieve a just, peaceful and developed  

   northern Ghana.



2.4    The mission of NorthPrime is to team up with individuals and organisations to 

   work towards the educational development of northern youth for a developed

   northern Ghana: one with high socio-economic development indicators  

   characterised by high literacy, quality human resource, increased public

   allocation of resources, private sector investment and greater national



2.5    The motto of NorthPrime is a better northern Ghana for a developed Ghana.

  1. 3.        Aims and Objectives of NorthPrime


3.1.1    NorthPrime intends to create increased fiscal investments and facilitate public

policy support for enhancing the development of northern Ghana. The focal

regions are the Northern Region, Upper East Region and Upper West Region.

3.1.2    Ultimately, these policy and programme interventions are aimed at fast-tracking

the development process of the northern regions by promoting education, supporting health infrastructure, invigorating trade and industrial development, and promoting transparency and public accountability in governance.

3.2.0      The specific objectives of NorthPrime include, among others, the following:

3.2.1        To increase quality human resource base in the focal regions by providing tuition assistance to tertiary students.


3.2.2      To increase positive public and media coverage of the activities in northern Ghana through public policy debate, public participation, and policy analysis.


3.2.3      To increase public and private sector investment in the regions through advocacy and lobbying of relevant national and international stakeholders.


3.2.4     To enhance the positive outcomes of public resources and opportunities through research and effective remote oversight over utilisation of those resources to promote transparency and accountability in public governance.

3.2.5      To promote leadership development and representation in national politics among the youth in northern Ghana.

4.0              Programme Scope of NorthPrime

4.1.0         Tuition Assistance Program (TAP)



4.1.1         TAP will increase levels of quality human resource in northern Ghana, by providing education support packages to entry-level tertiary education students, based on merit. At the commencement of each academic year, a number of eligible high school graduates, as determined by the Executive Committee, who qualify to enroll in tertiary institutions across Ghana will receive sponsorship. Based on the academic performance per set standards, an awardee may receive additional assistance to cover part or all of his academic expenses.

4.1.2         TAP will be guided by a criteria set on subject interest and performance of participating students. NorthPrime will identify specific areas of academic and career realms that need to be bolstered and intended to fill human resource gaps as may apply to the human resource needs of the regions.

4.1.3         Awardees may be required to sign a bond with NorthPrime as prescribed by the Executive Committee.

4.2.0      Public Policy Forum (PPF)


4.2.1         PPF will create awareness about national policies among the people in the northern regions. Specifically, NorthPrime will provide concrete public policy analysis and generate policy debates aimed at enhancing investment and development in the region. A key outcome of this process will collect public views and feedback on public policies for onward negotiation with public authorities for policy reviews.

4.2.2         Additionally, NorthPrime will monitor the implementation of national policies in the northern regions, ensuring that specific activities conform to set procedures, and devoid of unfavourable political maneuverings.

4.2.3         These activities will be driven by extensive media coverage.

4.3.0      Advocacy and Lobbying (AdL)


4.3.1         The AdL component is aimed at increasing government policy favour and resource allocation to the northern regions through advocacy and lobbying of members of the Legislature, board members of public institutions, and the Executive. The target for lobbying activities will include directors of Ministries, Departments, and Agencies (MDAs) in Ghana.

4.3.2         NorthPrime shall also highlight the challenges of the northern regions and call for urgent attention and action to remedy those challenges.

4.4.0      Leadership Development and Democratic Governance


4.4.1    NorthPrime shall endeavour to support members to develop their leadership potentials.

4.4.2    NorthPrime shall work with leadership and governance bodies and think-tanks towards the benefit of northern Ghana.

5.0              Affiliation


5.1       NorthPrime shall be affiliated to other organisations of interest in Ghana and abroad.

6.0              Code of Conduct


6.1.0      A member shall faithfully comply with and apply the following code of conduct:

6.1.1      Be loyal to NorthPrime at all times.

6.1.2      Display high level of moral turpitude.

6.1.3      Defend the letter and spirit of the constitution.

6.1.4      Pay monthly subscription fees and dues regularly.

6.1.5      Implement all lawful decisions of NorthPrime faithfully.

6.1.6      Promote the brand name of NorthPrime and its decisions.

6.1.7      Ensure the unity and cohesion of NorthPrime at all times.

6.1.8      Maintain honesty and integrity in his private and public life.

6.1.9      Ensure confidentiality of decisions and matters relating to NorthPrime.

6.1.10   Be an ambassador for youth development, mentorship, and democratic and accountable governance.



7.      The Executive Committee


7.1.0         There shall be an Executive Committee who are elected officers responsible for

the day-to-day management and administration of NorthPrime which shall


7.1.1          The Executive Director

7.1.2           The Deputy Director

7.1.3           The Executive Secretary

7.1.4           The Financial Controller

7.1.5           The Operations Director

7.1.6           The Public Relations Officer

7.1.7           Director, Women’s Affairs.


8.      Election and Tenure of Office of the Executive Committee

8.1.1    The Executive Committee shall be elected by simple majority by not less than two-thirds of members present at a sitting.

8.1.2    Elections shall be conducted every other year.

8.1.3    The month of December shall be the election month.

8.1.4    An Executive Committee shall be in office for a period not exceeding two years.

8.1.5      An Executive Committee member is entitled to only two terms in office.

8.1.6      A candidate who stands unopposed must secure more than fifty per cent of the votes to

stand elected.

8.1.7   Only paid-up members or members in good standing shall stand for elections.


9.       Functions of the Executive Committee


9.1.0                           The Executive Director

9.1.1         The Executive Director shall be the Chief Executive of NorthPrime.

9.1.2        He shall, in consultation with other executive members, convene and preside over all

meetings of NorthPrime.

9.1.3        He shall coordinate all initiatives and specific policy directions and activities of


9.1.4        He shall countersign all vouchers, cheques and other financial documents on behalf of


9.1.5        He shall be the spokesperson of NorthPrime.

9.1.6           He shall present an annual report to the membership at an Annual General Meeting.

      9.2.0         The Deputy Director

9.2.1        The Deputy Director shall assist the Executive Director and act in his absence.

9.2.2        He shall, upon the authorisation and delegation of the Executive Director, undertake

all the functions herein assigned to the Executive Director.

   9.3.0         The Executive Secretary

9.3.1         The Executive Secretary shall record proceedings of meetings.

9.3.2         He shall receive and act on all correspondence to NorthPrime in conjunction with the Executive Director.

9.3.3         He shall be responsible for safe keeping of all documents of NorthPrime.

9.3.4         He shall liaise with the Operations Director to organise meetings.

9.4.0     The Financial Controller

9.4.1    He shall collect dues and monies on behalf of NorthPrime.

9.4.2    He shall initiate and coordinate fund raising and resource mobilization of NorthPrime.

9.4.3      He shall maintain and keep financial records of NorthPrime.

9.4.4      He shall present financial statement or statements of audited accounts of NorthPrime at every Annual General Meeting.

9.4.5      He shall be responsible for safe-keeping of all funds or moneys of NorthPrime.

9.4.6      He shall deposit all funds in the accounts of NorthPrime.

9.4.7      He shall issue and obtain receipts for all receipts and payments.

9.4.8      He shall render accounts to the Executive Committee on all financial transactions of NorthPrime.

9.5.0     The Operations Director

9.5.1    He shall be responsible for organising meetings and other appropriate activities.

9.5.2    He shall assist the Executive Committee in drawing up NorthPrime’s programme of activities.

9.5.3      He shall undertake any other functions assigned him by the Executive Director subject to this Constitution.

9.6.0     Public Relations Officer (P. R. O.)

9.6.1    He shall, in consultation with the Executive Director, address issues of public interest.

9.6.2      He shall respond to media enquiries about the activities of NorthPrime.

9.6.3      He shall design informative materials on the activities of NorthPrime

9.6.4      He shall co-ordinate NorthPrime’s activities with the media.

9.7.0   Director, Women’s Affairs


9.7.1    She shall co-ordinate women’s affairs of NorthPrime.

9.7.2    She shall be responsible for mobilising women’s participation in NorthPrime


9.7.3    She shall be responsible for initiating and implementing pro-women policies.

9.7.4    She shall also perform other functions assign to her by the Executive Director.

9.7.0     Appointment of Regional Co-ordinators and Deputy Co-ordinators


9.7.1    The Executive Committee shall appoint a Regional Co-ordinator each for the three northern regions.

9.7.2    The Regional Co-ordinators shall perform specific functions assigned them by the Executive Committee which shall be directed at achieving the goals and objectives of NorthPrime.

9.7.3    The Executive may also appoint Deputy Regional Co-ordinators who shall assist the Regional Co-ordinators in the performance of their functions.

9.7.4    The appointment of a Regional Co-ordinator and that of the Deputy Regional

Co-ordinator shall be for a period of one year and may be renewed annually by the Executive Committee.

10.0      Council of Advisors


10.1.0             NorthPrime shall have a minimum of three-member Council of Advisors.

10.1.1             The Council may be consulted by the Executive Committee on matters of interest aimed at achieving the mission and vision of NorthPrime.

10.1.2             Advisors may be nominated by the Executive Committee and agreed upon by the                             Hall of Patrons.

10.1.3             Following ratification by the Hall of Patrons, the Executive Committee will confer and seek the acceptance of the nominee.

10.1.4             A Council member may be in office for a period not exceeding three years.

10.1.5              A Council member may be in office for a period of not more than three        consecutive terms.

10.1.6             The Council shall assist the Executive Committee to achieve the objectives of


10.1.7            In the event of issues not specified in the constitution, the Council may advise      the Executive Committee on the course of action to take.

10.1.8             The Council may propose programmes for consideration by the Executive


10.1.9             The Council shall organise their meetings.


11.0     Hall of Patrons


11.1     There shall be a Hall of Patrons called NorthPrime Patrons.

11.2     The first members of the Hall of Patrons shall be the founding members.

11.3     Executive Committee Members who have served two consecutive terms may be admitted to the Hall of Patrons.

11.4     Any individual who has contributed immensely to NorthPrime may be admitted to the Hall of Patrons.

11.5     Admission of Patrons shall be done by a vote of two-thirds of all Patrons.

11.6     Patrons shall ensure that NorthPrime stay focused on its vision and mission.

11.7     Patrons shall ensure continuity of service and institutional memory.

11.9     The Executive Committee shall liaise with the Patrons to achieve the aims and objectives of NorthPrime.

11.10   Patrons may serve on committees composed by the Executive Committee

11.11   Patrons may advise the Executive Committee on issues not covered by this Constitution


12.0      Resignation and Termination of Membership


12.1      A member shall at any time notify the Executive Committee in writing of his

resignation from NorthPrime.

12.2      The Executive Committee shall write to accept or reject the resignation. In the event of

rejection, the Executive Committee may assign reasons for rejecting.

12.3Upon resignation, a person is prohibited from acting on behalf of or participating in any

activity of NorthPrime.

12.4A bye-election shall be held to fill vacant elected positions within three months from

the  day the post became vacant.

12.5The Executive Committee shall terminate the membership of any member at any time

in line with this constitution and in good spirit.

12.6The notice of termination of membership shall be in writing and personally delivered to

the member or mailed to his last known postal or residential address or to his

designated e-mail address.


13        Sub-Committees


There shall be Sub-Committees which shall design and implement policies and programmes for approval and implementation by the Executive Committee. The Sub-Committees shall include;

13.1The Education Sub-Committee.

13.2The Public Policy Sub-Committee

13.3The Public Relations Sub-Committee

13.4Resources and Fund raising Sub-Committee

13.5The Executive Committee may appoint ad hoc committees to deal with specific issues.


14        The Education Sub-Committee


14.1 The Education Sub-Committee shall have at least three members

14.2 The Executive Secretary shall be the Chairperson

14.3 There shall be elected a secretary who shall not  be a Member of the Executive


14.4 The Education Sub-Committee shall design educational policies and programmes.

14.5 The Education Sub-Committee shall formulate education award schemes.

15        Public Policy Sub-Committee


15.1The Public Policy Sub-Committee shall have at least three members

15.2The Deputy Director shall be the Chairperson

15.3There shall be elected a secretary who shall not  be a Member of the Executive


15.4The Public Policy Sub-Committee shall design public policies and programmes.

15.5 The Public Policy Sub-Committee shall prepare policy briefs for NorthPrime.

16        Public Relations Sub-Committee


16.1  The Public Relations Sub-Committee shall have at least three members

16.2  The Public Relations Officer shall be  the Chairperson

16.3  There shall be elected a secretary who shall not  be a Member of the Executive


16.4  The Public Relations Sub-Committee shall project the image of NorthPrime

16.5  The Public Relations Sub-Committee shall review public relations activities and


16.6  The Public Relations Sub-Committee shall ensure that NorthPrime is well informed to

engage in public discourse.

17          Resources and Fund Raising Sub-Committee


17.1     The Resources and Fund Raising Sub-Committee shall have at least three members

17.2     The Financial Controller shall be the Chairperson of this Sub-Committee

17.3     There shall be elected a secretary who shall not  be a Member of the Executive


17.4     The Sub-Committee shall raise funds and resources for NorthPrime

17.5            The Sub-Committee shall prepare statement of accounts as shall be prescribed by

the Executive Committee.

17.6     Where authorised by the Executive Committee by a unanimous decision, the

Sub-Committee shall raise loans or obtain overdraft facilities within Ghana for

the benefit of NorthPrime.

17.7     With the consent of the Executive Committee, the Sub-Committee shall invest

NorthPrime’s funds as it may deem necessary.

17.8     NorthPrime shall open and maintain an account with a reputable bank in Ghana


18         Sources of Funding


NorthPrime shall source funding for its activities from the following:

18.1   Monthly dues as determined by the Executive Committee

18.2   Registration fees, determined by the Executive Committee, payable at registration

18.3   Donations from individuals, private and public corporations and organisations.

18.4   Any other fundraising activity approved by the Executive Committee.

19         Meetings


19.1     The Executive Committee shall meet at least once every quarter of the calendar year

19.2     All other committees shall meet at least once a month.

19.3     There shall be an annual general meeting of all members.

19.4     Special meetings may be held when necessary.

19.5     A five working day notice is required prior to the holding of an Executive Committee


19.6     A fourteen days notice is required prior to the holding of a general meeting.

19.7     An emergency meeting shall be held within seven days when called.

20         Requisition of Meeting


20.1   Two Executive Members shall requisition an Executive Committee meeting.

20.2   A minimum of fifteen members shall requisition a general meeting.

20.3   A member requisitioning a meeting shall propose an agenda.

20.4   A Sub-Committee meeting shall be held within seven working days from the day it

was requisitioned.

20.5   An Executive Committee meeting shall be held within 15 working days  from the day

it was requisitioned.

20.6   A general meeting shall be held within 30 working days from the day it was


20.7   An emergency meeting, other than an extra-ordinary general meeting, shall be held

within seven days from the day it was requisitioned.

20.8   An extra-ordinary general meeting shall be held within 14 working days from the day

it was requisitioned.

20.9   A requisition for a meeting shall be in writing and duly signed by the member or

members and duly deposited with the Executive Director and Executive Secretary.

20.10        Only paid-up members or members in good standing shall requisition a meeting.

21         Quorum and Voting at Meetings


21.1   A meeting shall commence when a third of the expected members are present.

21.2   Two-thirds of the members expected to attend shall constitute the quorum prior to

taking decisions at meetings.

21.3   Except otherwise stated, decisions shall be made by simple majority.


22         Sanctions, Impeachment and Removal


22.1   A member may be suspended for stated misbehaviour.

22.2   An Executive shall be impeached for gross violation of this Constitution.

22.3   The Rules of Natural Justice shall be applied in disciplining members.

22.4   The Executive Committee shall appoint a committee to handle disciplinary issues of a


22.5   The Patrons shall appoint a committee to handle disciplinary issues where more than

two Executive Members are involved.

22.6   Failure to pay subscription fees and dues within the time frame may attract a penalty.

22.7   The Executive Committee may waive such penalty after considering the facts of the

case of the individual member.

23         Dissolution of Executive Committee and Handing Over


23.1  The Executive Committee shall stand dissolved immediately new Executives are


23.2  The out-going Executive shall handover to the incoming-Executives immediately after

the elections.


24         Amendment of the Constitution


24.1  Subject to the provisions of this Constitution; the general meeting may amend any

provisions of this Constitution when the need arises.

24.2  Proposal for the amendment of this Constitution shall be sent to the Executive Director

and the Executive Secretary not less than fourteen working days before the general


24.3  A resolution for the amendment of this Constitution shall not have effect unless it has

been debated by the general meeting and received the votes of at least two-thirds of the members present and voting at the general meeting.

25          Residual Powers of the Executive Committee


Subject to the provision of this Constitution, where on any matter, whether arising out of this Constitution or otherwise, there is no provision, express or by necessary implication of this Constitution which deals with the matter, that has arisen, the Executive Committee, shall make the necessary regulation, not being inconsistent with any provision of this Constitution, to provide for that matter to be dealt with.

26.      Founding Members                                                                                                      


The Founding Members shall ensure that the necessary mechanisms, systems and structures are established prior to the election of the first Executives.

27.       Interpretation of the Constitution


27.1This Constitution shall be interpreted by the Executive Committee.

27.2       For all intents and purposes, words importing male persons include female persons.

28.     Promulgation

This constitution was approved and adopted on this 31st Day of July, 2010.



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